Misit Mediere (RO)

Organisation data

Full organisation name: Asociatia de Mediere a Conflictelor “MISIT”

Acronym: MISIT

Contact person: Dionisie Trusculescu

Email: misit.mediere@gmail.com

Organisation URL: www.misit-mediere.ro

Organisation description

Please briefly present the partner organization.
The Association of Conflict Mediation „MISIT, is a private legal person, non-profit, independent, organized according to OUG 26/2000, non-governmental organization and aims improving the life quality of persons at risk offering mediation services, legal advice, basic social services, psychological counseling and services for environmental protection. Since 2010, the MISIT personnel has been actively involved in offering prevention service, regarding socio-communitarian and family mediation reintegration for people at risk situation (human being trafficking, domestic violence, Roma people, etc.)
Our values are non discrimination, solidarity, transparency and professionalism. To fulfill this mission, MISIT develops informative programs for solving any judicial or extra judicial disputes through mediation activities; prevention programs in the field of domestic violence, trafficking in human beings, drug trafficking and psychotropic substances, illegal migration and public awareness on environmental protection.