K.E.D.D.Y. (EL)

Organisation data


Acronym: KE.D.D.Y. of Evia

Contact person: Mr. Stam Pittas

Email: pittas@keddy.edu.gr

Organisation URL: www.keddy.edu.gr

Organisation description

KE.D.D.Y. assesses and supports children and youth (ages 4-18) in the providence of Evia since October of 2003. So far the assessment and support team has provided services into approximately 6,000 students and youths. The therapeutic and evaluation team consists of two psychologists, two social workers five special education teachers and one speech therapist.

Since KE.D.D.Y. of Evia Island is responsible for the support and evaluation of all pupils in the specific district, aims and scope of the project will be immediately public to the principals of their schools with specific directions on information of the target group. KE.D.D.Y. provides over watch to 131 secondary schools, all over the island.

KE.D.D.Y. has a collaboration with different public service institutions (stake holders) in order to achieve the goals that are set by the coordinator of the project.

The specific topics related to projects and tasks of KE.D.D.Y. are the following:

  • Rating Disabilities on I.C.F. protocol & intervention (Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD Syndrom, etc.)
  • Research on minority groups
  • Supporting socially vulnerable groups
  • Creating protocols and evaluation procedures
  • Review procedures (as an external evaluator)
  • Configuration – processing issues of social inclusion policies
  • Teachers and families training and support on dyslexia and other learning disabilities topics

Furthermore, KE.D.D.Y. within its obligations in the project, will collect data on the specific topic, will inform all stake holders involved and contact local and regional authorities. (Private or public body, NGO’s, etc.) Due to its expertise and involvement, KE.D.D.Y. will arrange workshops in schools and parents association in the Evia district in order to inform them on topics associated with drugs prevention, abuse and support of drug addicts.