Docete Omnes (ES)

Organisation data

Full organisation name: FUNDACION DOCETE OMNES

Acronym: FDO

Contact person: Fátima Carmona


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Organisation description

Docete Omnes Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. It is an educational and public interest institution by virtue of a Ministerial Order. The Foundation is a social complex working in different branches. As an educational and social centre, we provide regular vocational training courses and different courses for workers, for the unemployed and for immigrants. Since 1968, we consider ourselves an active centre in the development of innovative policies, teacher training, development of research projects, etc. In more than forty years of experience, we have had teachers of all levels in our classrooms to be trained and formed. This experience is the support of the project.

This experience is the support of the project. Among the activities that take place within the Foundation we find:
Blanca Paloma Training Centre, Padre Villoslada Social Complex for people with disability, elderly residences, European programs and other services for other collectives in risk of social inclusion.
Our institution has a service of supervised housing for minors and has carried out several programs with young offenders in prisons. It has also participated in other programs related to different prisons for teaching workshops.
We also have a team of psychologists, social workers with a wide experience in this sector. From the Department of European Programs, we have experience in developing working methodologies, planning events, evaluating, disseminating and exploitation of results.